How to successfully prepare your Penticton commercial real estate for sale in the new year

With 2021 in full swing, we are excited to help everyone acquire and sell Penticton commercial real estate for sale. After such a chaotic year we can’t wait to return to some noramalicies that will hopefully present themselves in the coming months. Our number one priority this year is to help you and your business get back on track. And, what better way to do so than by finding or selling a great commercial property. Change is in the air.

Time for Change?

We understand that after all the negative that has occurred, business owners are likely itching for some new digs. We want to ensure that you make the most of this fresh start by getting back to what you love to do in a meaningful way. In doing so, we hope your company thrives and heals from any losses incurred during the brunt of the pandemic. While we continue to work through what is hopefully going to be the last spout of turmoil, we want to provide you with some insightful tips.

In this article we will delve into some of the things you as a seller should know when it comes to listing your commercial property for the Spring season.

Penticton commercial real estate for saleMakeovers aren’t just for your average home when it comes to listing Penticton commercial real estate for sale

That’s right! A makeover is a great way to draw curb appeal and accentuate the features within your commercial property just as it would if you were selling a residential property. As the Spring season approaches, you may find it beneficial to stop by your nearest hardware store to pick up some supplies. Paint is always a great idea. It’s simple and makes a big difference to the exterior of your building – especially if it’s an older establishment. Adding live plants and flowers is also a great way to spruce things up and add a pop of colour. There’s nothing like a pot of fresh flowers to draw the eye of a potential buyer.

Curb Appeal

If your property has a space to be landscaped, find someone to help you out with a simple drought tolerant landscape plan. Another awesome way to give your property a face-lift is to scrub-a-dub-dub any windows or glass. The winter season probably left some unwanted dust or debris splattered on your building. By cleaning the windows not only will the outside sparkle, but the inside will appear much brighter and open as a result.

Clean as a Whistle!

As for the interior be sure to have it spic and span for any potential buyers that want to come through. Removing elements/items that draw away from your property is a must. You need to keep in mind that business owners are looking for a place to host their business, so being able to imagine the space as their own is essential.

Penticton commercial real estate for saleUse a professional photographer when putting your Penticton commercial real estate up for sale

Since people still choose to browse for new real estate online, it’s crucial to have photos that capture the essence of your property. There’s no doubt that smartphone camera quality has made leaps and bounds, but you should still opt for a professional photographer when selling your business. That’s because of several benefits that you might not have previously considered.

Pandemic Friendly

We are still dealing with the pandemic and until it further subsides many business owners will be on the hunt through the likes of their digital devices. More than ever, having photographs that capture what your property has to offer is key in the success of selling your commercial real estate. The quality, equipment and experience of professional photographers is going to make a big difference in the process of selling. We always ensure that professional photography is in place for our commercial listings.

Complimentary Video

They may also offer videos and specialty shots that make it all the more worth your while. Videos are a great way to tour a building without actually leaving the comfort of your home, office, or otherwise. Photographers well-versed in real estate will also be able to indicate when the best time of day is to shoot your property in order for best results and aesthetics. Video is especially helpful when you have large properties, vineyards, farms and industrial spaces. Especially since video allows the potential buyers to virtually get the lay of the land.

Find a great commercial REALTOR® to help list your Penticton commercial real estate for sale

When looking for a great commercial REALTOR® be sure to ask the hard questions. For example, are they reliable? Reliability is necessary in order for your property to have the best chance at selling. Trust in your REALTOR® is going to mean that you are able to rely on them for answers to your questions and concerns. They will be appreciative of the value your time holds and get back to you with urgency.

Experience is Key

Experience is another great quality your commercial REALTOR® should have. Their past experience in the field is something you can use to your advantage. Chances are they will be able to predict market changes and help you adapt. This is extremely important in today’s day and age.

Be Connected!

A REALTOR® who is connected is a pretty tell-tale sign they know what’s up. As a seller you can use their contacts to help find other people that may make your process easier. Such as, photographers, appraisers, inspectors and all sorts of other helpful resources in order to better your chances at making the most from your listing.

We look forward to working with everyone interested in listing their Penticton commercial real estate for sale in the new year.

Contact us today and we will help you kickstart 2021 with a fresh space!